Succulent green wall, photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

A key goal of SustainNET is to build ever stronger partnerships with local and other external stakeholders to help improve the sustainability of the local region. To this end, we are currently working alongside the following local partners:

SustainNET’s offer of partnership, help and support…

We are always looking to recruit new Partners to the SustainNET community. Where possible, we would like to help your organisation where we can. Here are a few ideas of what we could potentially offer:

  • Promoting your events or new initiatives – we would be happy to do this where we can, such as on our website and social media platforms: SustainNET Twitter and SustainNET Instagram.
  • Co-organising events – if you would be interested in working with us to co-organise events or have any ideas for other activities please let us know.
  • SustainNET Webinar Series – we have a webinar series covering a wide range of sustainability related issues presented by a mix of speakers from Edge Hill’s own SustainNET experts, partner organisations and special guest speakers. For more details, see our Webinars page.
  • Student volunteers – we have already recruited a good number of student members to SustainNET, and they may be willing to provide volunteer help to assist the running of your organisation.
  • Advice on sustainability-related issues – are you looking for an expert to advise you or possibly work with on a particular sustainability-related matter? We have mapped SustainNET’s expertise and interests to help you find the right expert.

You may have your own ideas on how we may help. We would be very happy to discuss these with you. For more details please contact Prof Christopher Dent (SustainNET Leader)

We very much hope that you will join SustainNET community.

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