Webinars 2023

Simon O’Brien (Cycling & Walking Commissioner of Liverpool City Region Combined Authority) – Mini-Hollands:A Way Towards Net Zero? – Wednesday 26th of April 2023

Webinars 2022

Dr Ufuk Alpsahin Cullen – Circular Economy In Action: A Exploratory Research of Circular Growth Patterns – Wednesday 7th December 2022

Tenderfoot Theatre – Test Tubes and Time Travel: How Ecotheatre Can Help Save the World – Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Elke Weissmann, Edge Hill University – Seeing the Community in Sustainable Futures: Local Communities, Local Television and Climate Action – Wednesday 9th November 2022

Dr. Huaizhong (Sam) Zhang (Computer Science, Edge Hill University) – Deep Learning and its Application in the Classification of Urban Land Use – Wednesday 1st June 2022

Joanne Egan (Edge Hill University) – Living with volcanoes, understanding environmental impacts and sustainable livelihoods: A Palaeo-approach – Wednesday 6th April 2022

Dr Tom Woodroof (Mutual Credit Services (MCS)) – Obligation clearing and mutual credit for community wealth-building and the circular economy – Wednesday 16th March 2022

Prof Marcello Trovati (Edge Hill University) – Can Data Science be Sustainable? How Data Science can contribute to SustainNetWednesday 10th March 2022

Webinars 2021

Dr Ayushman Bhagat (Edge Hill University) – Escaping Trafficking Borders – Friday 10th December 2021

Carlota Sanz, Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) – Doughnut Economics – from a radical idea to transformative action – Tuesday 30th November 2021

Pilar Martin-Gallego – Aliens in the Chilean forest – Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Dr Tim Cadman – (Griffith University, Australia) – Tracking land-use change in the forested landscape – Wednesday 10th November 2021

Victoria Inyang-Talbot (Education – EHU) – How can poetry support our articulation of our relationship with our non-human world? – Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Irene Delgado-Fernandez (Geography – EHU) Coasts for Kids – a transdisciplinary science communication effort – Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Christopher Dent (Business School – EHU) What on Earth is our Sustainability Festival and the COP26 Climate Summit all About? -Monday 1st November 2021

Nick Catahan (Business School – EHU) – Volunteer Stories in Gardens as SDG Metrics – Thursday 10th June 2021

Prof John Sandars (Health – EHU) – Evaluating our Work on Sustainable Development Goals: The Human Capability Approach – Wednesday 19th May 2021

Dr Victoria Foster & Claire Cooper (Health – EHU) Community Wealth Building in Skelmersdale: Supporting small local enterprises -Wednesday 5th May 2021

Louise Hawxwell (Education – EHU) Addressing the SDG’s with Primary Education – Thursday 29th April 2021

Dr Andrea Bullivant (Liverpool World Centre) Sustainability through the Lens of Development Education and Global Learning -Wednesday 21st April 2021

Sven Batke & Anne Oxbrough (Biology – EHU) Life in the Canopy – Thursday 15th April 2021

Ed Gommon & Lena Simic (FAS – EHU) – Towards Zero Carbon 2030: Local Manifesto for Merseyside – Thursday 25th February 2021

Ross Mitchell from RE100 – RE100 & the Global Electricity Transition – Tuesday 16th February 2021

Dr Tim Saunders (Education – EHU) – Regenerative River Republic and Education for Thrivability – Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Webinars 2020

Prof John Sandars (Health – EHU) – The Importance and Challenges of Education for Sustainability – Wednesday 16th December 2020

Stephen Sykes (Chamber Low Carbon) – Chamber Low Carbon at Work – Tuesday 24th November 2020

Dr Alison Clark (Liverpool World Centre) – Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development & the Sustainable Development Goals – Tuesday 17th November 2020

Christopher Dent (EHU) – Climate Action through Trade Agreements – Tuesday 10th November 2020

Jenna Foskett and Michelle Li (Biology students) – Fast Fashion Needs to Slow Down – Tuesday 27th October 2020

David Connor (2030hub) – The 2030hub at Work – Tuesday 13th October 2020