Ufuk Alpsahin Cullen’s presentation is a part of a wider research project within the field of circular economy. Ufuk will be talking about (i) how circular economy principles are operationalized, (ii) how business growth affects the ability to capture triple-bottom-line value of business models and (iii) how extrinsic and intrinsic factors affect the implementation of circular economy principles in business modelling.

The research is conducted within the craft cidermaking context. Craft cidermakers are circular-born enterprises and they adopt the principles of circular economy in business model design. The research objectives suggest an exploratory research approach and therefore the mechanism of abductive inferences is used. Data collection involves 23 inā€depth interviews, a survey study, secondary research, participant observation and social listening over a period of 45 months.

Info graphic from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation showing renewable energy flow chart

The results suggest that entrepreneurial profile, resource dependence and ecosystem characteristics; and the interplay between them play a crucial role in the design and adaptation of circular business models. The ability to capture triple-bottom-line value of a business model is affected by the growth pattern. The ecosystem facilitates the adoption of the circular economy principles in business model design but hinders circular business growth.

Ufuk’s webinar took place on Wednesday 7th December.