Dr Tim Cadman is running a citizen science-based initiative to track the loss of remnant native vegetation within the state-owned forests managed by the Forestry Corporation of New South Wales. Using a combination of Google Earth, shape files, historical aerial photography, management plans and ground-truthing, the initiative has uncovered evidence of threatened rainforest destruction, old growth logging and breaches of public and private codes of practice. Dr Cadman will show how the 1999 Plantation and Reafforestation Act and associated Code have rendered these practices invisible and enabled forest conversion across the landscape. You are invited to learn the methods and get involved.

Dr Cadman is a Senior Research Fellow with the Earth Systems Governance Project, and is currently part of a global project on primary forest protection run by Griffith University’s Climate Change Response Program, and is focussing on a case study for Red panda conservation and sustainable livelihoods in the community forests of Nepal. His latest edited book ‘Earth System Law: Standing on the Precipice of the Anthropocene’ will be published by Routledge later this year.

Tim’s webinar was held on Wednesday 10th November. Take a look at Tim’s presentation slides: https://sites.edgehill.ac.uk/sustainnet/files/2021/11/CadmanPresentationEdgeHill2021.pdf