Research has recognised that there are difficulties in addressing complex issues linked to the SDGs, including climate and ecological justice, gender inequalities, and so on, due to the lack of understanding pedagogical strategies for exploring these in the classroom (Christie & McGregor, 2020). Research suggests that teacher education should provide opportunities for the exploration of these contentious topics and support the development of different pedagogical approaches by those working with children and young people.

Louise Hawxwell will discuss the importance of addressing these issues in teacher education, exploring some of the ways in which they may be delivered through the ITT curriculum drawing on examples from her own practice. Louise will also consider how by encouraging students to develop their ability to ‘communicate about the uncertainty and complexity’ (Tauritz, 2019) of these issues will support their future practice as primary school teachers.

Key References

‘Crisis for whom? Education for climate justice in Scotland’ (Christie, B. & McGregor, C., 2020)
‘Certain you’re not sure? An inquiry into pedagogical strategies for teaching children how to manage uncertain knowledge about sustainability challenges’ (Tauritz, R., 2019)

Louise’s webinar was held on Thursday 29th April 2021.