Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Marcello talks about how data is everything and it is everywhere. It’s what surrounds us and what our brain needs to function. It’s images, sounds, touch, as well as their (more structured) derivatives, such as music, texts, etc. But the key issue here is that data is not information. It must be turned into information via a set of processes and methods to identify trends and patterns that can pull all the different data together to make something meaningful.

However, the power of data science is often seen in its applications. In fact, despite being motivated and backed-up by sophisticated mathematical and statistical techniques, data scientists, need to experiment, manipulate, and ultimately apply it to the real-world. During this presentation, I will discuss some case studies to illustrate how data science can be applied to multidisciplinary scenarios.

Prof Marcello Trovati has been working in academia as well as R&D organisations, where he has gained valuable business and research experience through collaboration with several scientists at several research institutions. As one of the Associate Directors of the HRI, Marcello will focus on Digital Health, AI and Data science approaches to health research. In particular, he is aiming to strengthen research links with external departments and institutions. Marcello’s research interests include

  • Data Science, Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Text and Data Mining
  • Text analytics
  • Computational Statistics
  • Mathematical Modelling

Marcello’s webinar was held on Wednesday 9th March.