Nick Catahan is a Senior Lecturer in Business and Management at Edge Hill University. Nick’s latest research with Botanic Garden partners across England, Scotland and Wales explores collective voices of garden volunteers and the power of volunteering and gardens. 

Nick is interested in gaining insights to consider metrics of SDGs for garden managers, marketers, scientists, policy makers, governments and other stakeholders by generating a portfolio of volunteering stories, capturing the rich tapestry of people and gardens, their experiences, and transformations because of volunteering in gardens.

This research project is creating resources and a means to facilitate lobbying, networking and of course teaching, learning, academic use and publication regarding SDGs, and related metrics with a focus on transformative health and wellbeing outcomes of volunteering in gardens, and much more. 

Come and join us to find out more about what Nick and others are doing!

Nick’s webinar was held on Thursday 10th June 2021.

Download Nick’s webinar presentation:

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