This presentation (presented by Ed Gommon and Lena Simic) will outline Local Manifesto as developed by Merseyside Labour for a Green New Deal group, working in collaboration with grassroots climate activists, councillors, MPs and trade unions and building on the event ‘Developing a Zero Carbon Manifesto for Merseyside’ which took place in June 2019. The Manifesto offers concrete proposals on what can be done locally within ten areas which affect the green transition: jobs, housing, energy, green space, transport, health, race, learning, waste and democracy.

Although inherently political, this manifesto is neither Labour policy nor just for Labour voters. As workers, campaigners and citizens we need to come together with politicians, scientists and community groups to consider how we best overcome these obstacles and mitigate the effects of the catastrophe that we face.

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Ed and Lena’s webinar was held on Thursday 25th February 2021.

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