This webinar draws from the poems read at Tuesday’s Poetry Performance event as well as other poems from antiquity to contemporary, including spoken word. It will consider:

  • Eco-poetry – poetry that illustrates the sense of selfhood as worldliness
  • Articulation of place perception
  • Geographical imaginations and human feelings
  • Human and non-human interdependency
  • Invocation/invitation of others (human) into accounts of the environment
  • Articulation of hope

Victoria is a PhD student and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Education. She is a qualified teacher and brings over 18 years of experience in international education, curriculum development, Post-14 education and teacher education to both her research and her work at the university. Victoria is also a writer, a poet and a keen hiker. Her writing focus on the nature of the self, and the relationships between individuals, communities, and their environments. Her poem ‘Late’ is included in the collection ‘Places of Poetry’ and she is also featured in the CPRE campaign ‘We Are The Countryside’.