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Tuesday 2nd November – 11:00am-12:30pm – The Red Café, Arts Centre

Poets performing – Victoria Inyang-Talbot (Education, EHU), Ali Harwood, Aaron Murdoch, David Emmanuel, Flloyd Kennedy, Al Peters, Seema Datta, Phil Windever, Andrew Hesford, Sonic Duo (c/o Lucy Pickavance), Idy Apkan, Olivia Henry, Lyndon Ship, Andrew Kenwright, Pauline Gillett, Josephine Dickins.

Read the short insight into each poet who will feature throughout Tuesday of the Sustainability Festival – Poet Profiles.

Take a look at the poets performing their poetry readings on the day:

The Universal is Personal

Our non-human world has been the recurring subject of poetry from time immemorial, either as inspiration or subject matter. This act of recording, forms part of our history and the performance, a necessary articulation of our symbiotic relationship with the universe. Poets will gather at the Red Café on the 2nd of November, to once again, acknowledge, celebrate, elocute, remind and reprimand us of our places here on this universe and beyond.