Dr Anne Oxbrough and Dr Sven Batke will talk about forest canopies being one of the most biodiverse habitats on our planet. However, due to the difficult nature of studying these systems (i.e. access), this frontier of biological research has until recently been elusive to the scientific community.

In addition to their importance as a biodiversity ‘hot-spot’, forest canopies also provide crucial ecosystem services (e.g., nutrient cycling and water cycling) that are key regulating components of our global climate system. Understanding and sustainability managing these systems, requires scientist to be able to study them in-situ.

In this talk we will also examine the global importance of forest canopies, their diversity and sustainable conservation management and advances in access that allowed us to push the boundaries of scientific investigations. We will be discussing state of the art research and draw from personal experience studying forest canopies in Ireland, the UK and Central America. 

Anne and Sven’s webinar was held on Thursday 15th April 2021.

View Anne and Sven’s webinar presentation: https://sites.edgehill.ac.uk/sustainnet/files/2021/04/Life-in-the-Canopy-Sustainable-Forest-Management-and-Conservation-Presentation.pdf