Tenderfoot theatre actors wearing masks while lying on the floor in a circle

The Earth is changing. Temperatures are warming, sea levels are rising, and biodiversity is at an all-time low. In truth our planet needs us now more than ever, and as time ticks by ever faster one thing is certain it’s going to take everything we’ve got.

What if you’re not a climate scientist, a politician, a changemaker? What if you’re just an ordinary person? For many, even taking the first step towards tackling climate change can feel understandably overwhelming and anxiety-inducing as we are faced with the paralysing unknown. What can I actually do? I’m only one person.

Tenderfoot theatre actors sitting on the floor cross legged in a circle

Tenderfoot Theatre consider the ways in which the immersive experience of live performance can bridge the gap to make sustainability accessible and empower communities to take climate action. From fully compostable interactive sets to post-apocalyptic storytelling. Tenderfoot reflect on theatre’s ability to transcend time and space to bring people to the heart of the climate conversation. Examining extracts of previous productions Impact (2021) and Stop the World, We’re Getting Off (2022). Tenderfoot take us on a deep dive of their working practices. From community-focused development to home-grown costumes made from kombucha tea. They examine the ways in which theatre can be used to develop and foster resilient communities and hold space for ordinary people to make extraordinary change.

Tenderfoot Theatre are a young, LGBTQ+, and female-led ecotheatre company telling sustainable stories using sustainable methods. Fresh off the back of their Stop the World, We’re Getting Off Tour, Tenderfoot are now a resident company at the Arts Centre where they are developing work for their 2023 season.

Tenderfoot Theatre have taken the Ecostage pledge. 

Tenderfoot’s webinar was held on Wednesday 23rd November. click the link for the Teams recording: Test Tubes and Time Travel