Whilst interest in sustainability has emerged as an important response to the climate and ecological emergency, it is but one lens through which to engage with global challenges. For instance, United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 emphasises the role of education in promoting human rights, gender equality and peace, alongside and interconnected with sustainable development. Drawing on her experience in the field of Development Education and Global Learning, Dr Andrea Bullivant will:

  • Share alternative lenses or frameworks for engaging with sustainability and related challenges
  • Argue for the contribution of Development and Global Learning in bringing holistic and critical perspectives to sustainability
  • Provide insight into the landscape of organisations and movements working to reorientate education towards SDG 4.7

Andrea’s webinar was held on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

View Andrea’s webinar presentation: https://sites.edgehill.ac.uk/sustainnet/files/2021/04/Andrea-Bullivant-presentation.pdf