Friday 18th – Saturday 26th September, 2020

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Liverpool is the first city in the world to eradicate poverty.

What needs to change now for that headline to become a reality by 2030?

2030hub is today announcing plans to bring the United Nations Global Goals Week to Liverpool at the end of September.

From Friday 18th September to Saturday 26th September 2020 we want to stimulate debate about the route for the Liverpool of 2030, celebrate local sustainability champions from all sectors, raise awareness of all possible futures and connect our city to a global network of cities, businesses, NGOs and individuals through online events, announcements and active support for the local community.

The aim of Global Goals Week: Liverpool is to help all the local stakeholders understand how we can all use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, and also called the Global Goals to wider audiences) to help our own furthest behind, and how we as a historically outward-looking city can help those in most need around the world.

The event themes will include a special event on misinformation to align with GGW around the world, and local topics such as sport, youth, climate, tourism & culture and health.

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