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Thursday 16th May 2024, Business School Building, Edge Hill University

SustainNET was established in February 2020 as a network community of staff and students at Edge Hill University interested in helping advance the sustainability agenda both on and off campus. It has around 120 Members, making it by far the largest such group of people at EHU. There are also over 40 SustainNET Partner organisations in our local region and community.

This first SustainNET Day is an opportunity for all Members, Partners and others to come together to find out what SustainNET does, get more involved in its work, suggest new ideas and initiatives, and for people in our community to get to know each other better. We will meet together on Thursday 16th May in the Business School building, where a number of workshop-style activities will be organised with a bring your own lunch in between!

Key activity themes covered on the day will be research and knowledge exchange, education for sustainable development, student engagement, the University’s sustainability policy and strategy, local community partnerships, drama and film, health and well-being, and communicating sustainability.

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Aims of the Day

  • Showcasing, new initiative-taking and learning – to showcase the work SustainNET currently does and what future plans it has on its different thematic fronts. To also provide opportunities for people to suggest and demonstrate new initiatives regarding sustainability. From these activities, for people to learn more about SustainNET and sustainability generally.
  • Engagement, participation and involvement – through the day’s different activities, to give people the chance to become involved in SustainNET’s work and consider a wider engagement and participation in their own sustainability-related work where they are.
  • Networking, socialisation and recruitment – to provide opportunities for getting to know people, make new contacts and connections, and for SustainNET to recruit new members!

Organisation of the Day

It is advised that you aim to arrive at the building venue from 10.00am where there will be someone to welcome and greet you. The day will then formally start with a brief Introduction Plenary Session in Business School Lecture Theatre (Room B.001) from 10.30 to 10.50, where SustainNET Leader Christopher Dent will welcome everyone, briefly remind what the day is about and what we are doing, as well as introduce Leadership Team members who will be running the activity sessions.

The four Activity Session times will run as shown in the Schedule below with a ‘bring your own lunch’ lunchbreak (12.30-13.15) in between Session 2 and 3. Feel free to come along for the whole day or parts of it.

All welcome!

Schedule on the Day

SustainNET Day 2024, 16th May
Business School Building
10.30-10.50 Welcome Plenary Session, B.001
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Room B.003
Edge Hill University: Carbon Footprinting
Leads: Keziah Stott, Katy Linforth
Room B.003
Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability
Leads: Faye Walters


Room B.004
Student Engagement with Sustainability
Leads: Ivy Harris, Elke Weissman, Amee Yostrakul, Faye Walters, Chris Hughes
Room B.004
Communicating Sustainability
Leads: Marcello Trovati, Laura McGuire
Room B.004
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Leads: Sonia Edwards, Maureen O’Shaughnessy, Linda Marron
Room B.004
Local Community Partnerships on Sustainability
Leads: Christopher Dent, Victoria Foster
Room B.102
Sustainability Research and Knowledge Exchange
(1. Strategy)

Leads: Claire Blennerhassett, Sven Batke, Nonso Nnamoko, Geoff Beattie
Room B.102
Sustainability Research and Knowledge Exchange
Leads: Claire Blennerhassett, Sven Batke, Nonso Nnamoko, Geoff Beattie
Room B.102
Climate Drama – Three Sisters: A Story from the Climate Future
Leads: Lena Šimić, James Marriott
Room B.102
Climate Action on Film
Leads: Elke Weissman, Laura McGuire, Geoff Beattie
2:50pm – 3:00pm So long, farewell… Till we meet again!
Business School Foyer Area

Event Venue

Groups of students sitting in front of the main university building taken from above

The event venue is: Business School building at the Edge Hill University campus, building number 16, map location 4E. See the ‘Locations’ page for directions to the university, different options of getting here and parking information. Please endeavour to use public transport to travel to the venue if you are from outside the University. Thank you


To register for this event please follow the instructions at this link SustainNET Day.