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REF 2014 impact case study: Child protection, sexual abuse and welfare: raising awareness, shaping policy and changing practice in youth sport

Dr Mike Hartill
Professor Mike Hartill

Mike is a Professor of Sociology of Sport in the Department of Social Sciences and director of CPSS. He has conducted research into child sexual exploitation in sport since joining Edge Hill, working on a number of national and international projects aimed at preventing abuse of children in sport.

Mike has delivered undergraduate programmes on child welfare in sport since 2002 and recently authored a research monograph ‘Sexual abuse in youth sport: a sociocultural analysis’ (Routledge, 2016). His current research includes two EU-funded projects: VOICE – a collaboration between eight European countries focused on the experiences of victims of sexual abuse in sport; and CASES (Child Abuse in Sport: European Statistics) – a study of the prevalence of child abuse in sport across six European countries (both funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme).

Mike also serves as an academic expert on sexual violence in sport for the Council of Europe/EU programme ‘Pro Safe Sport’ and is currently providing expertise on child protection in sport for the English Football Association’s independent review into allegations of child sexual abuse in football.

Dr Mike Hartill, Professor of Sociology of Sport, discusses his research into child sexual exploitation in sport and the prevention of it. He also talks about his work with the VOICE project, through which he met Colin Harris who is a survivor of abuse.

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