Plant-based foods are often considered more sustainable than those derived from animals. This is because their production generally generates lower greenhouse gas emissions than meat equivalents, and they generally require less land and other natural resources. To be considered a successful way to improve the sustainability of the food system, these plant-based foods need to be culturally acceptable and tasty.

DATES: Tues 2nd November 2021
LOCATION: H101 Food and Nutrition Skills Centre
Event Leader: Claire Blennerhassett

Cooking Demonstration – 11:00am-12noon

Watch our demonstration for ways to adapt a traditional recipe using plant-based ingredients

Taste the Difference – 12noon-1:00pm

Take the opportunity to sample the meat and plant-based meals and rate their taste, texture and aesthetic appeal. Would you consider swapping some of your home cooked favourite dishes for plant-based alternatives?

Food for Thought – 1:00-2:00pm

We all enjoy a tasty treat now and again, come and sample our plant-based chocolate brownies and learn about plant-based baking.