As we decarbonise our lives, how do we do this to ensure that we have a secure, sustainable and just transition within our communities?
How can communities become energy generators and how can they benefit from revenue from energy sales?
Climate change will bring increasing stresses to our current infrastructure, so how do we ensure we’re able to absorb potential shocks through community resilience?

This talk addresses these questions by looking holistically at what a low carbon community will need to be and what benefits and opportunities might arise from this.

Solar farm and a wind turbine

Kate has a master’s degree in Renewable Energy and has been working as a consultant in the sector for over 10 years. She has a breadth of experience in the spectrum of low carbon technologies and energy efficiency. In this time, Kate has also focussed on working with communities, to assist them to scope, seed and develop community owned, renewable energy assets and is a founder member of both Greater Manchester Community Renewables and Community Energy England, set up in 2014 to support this nascent sector. Kates’ current role, delivering the Rural Community Energy Fund in the North West, brings these 2 workstreams into a perfect job role, enabling her to give dedicated resource to support community owned renewable energy assets, thus promoting a locally based transition to the net zero world that we must achieve.

TIME: 11.00am-12noon, Friday 5th November
LOCATION: Business School, room B004
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