Core Mentor Training (NEW)

Mentor development and support

The Faculty offers a comprehensive and flexible package of mentor training and development opportunities.

The Edge Hill University Core Mentor Training for 2023/24 is comprised of three elements. All mentors hosting a trainee must complete all three elements of mentor development training.

  1. Core Mentor Training – consisting of Principles of Mentoring (Unit 1) and Models of Mentoring (Unit 2).
Unit One – Principles of Mentoring

This unit provides mentors with the research evidence and underlying principles for mentoring at Edge Hill University. It considers the evidence base for mentoring drawing on the Sims et al., 2021 characteristics of effective teacher professional development. 

Unit Two – Models of Mentoring  

The Edge Hill models of mentoring unit moves the mentoring of our trainees away from a model of internship (where trainees learn ‘on the job’ by receiving feedback based on naturally occurring experiences) and towards one of instructional coaching. This unit also introduces mentors to the Edge Hill University vision and values, our approach to the core content framework and the Weekly Cycle for Mentoring approach.

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Please note:

During the Sign-up process, if you don’t receive the validation token code, you will need to ask your IT administrators to allow the [email protected] email address. Alternatively, contact the team and we can help you.

When enrolling administrators will need to manually approve you onto the online courses and so there may be a slight delay in enrolling/requesting access and actually being able to begin the package. We will endeavor to approve you as quickly as possible. We are working on a solution to remove this step.

To access the Core Mentor Training (plus the additional enhancement packages that will become available over the coming weeks) you will initially need to Sign-up for an account with the online learning platform. Please ensure you use your professional email address to sign up – the same one you use to contact the University. You can find out how to access, sign-up and enrol on the packages below.

2. Phase Specific Briefing – carried out online

3. PEY FE Self Study Mentor Space or

Secondary Subject Specific Briefing

Information to support mentoring at all phases. Mentors can access curriculum documentation, professional practice forms and resources to support target setting and feedback.

Self-study OMNIS training units for Mentors.

In addition to Mentor Space, we offer mentors opportunities to continue to develop their professional development through self study units. The units will support the general mentor training hours in 2024-25.

Further online units available to mentors via Omnis.
General mentor training units include:

  • Supporting Inclusive Mentoring
  • Behaviour Management for Mentors
  • Assessing Trainees’ Progress Through the Curriculum
  • Supporting Trainees’ Workload and Mental Health

Enhanced units include:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) An Overview: Supportive Strategies
  • Autism: An Overview (Supportive Strategies)
  • Dyscalculia: An Overview (Supportive Strategies)
  • Dyslexia: An Overview (Supportive Strategies)
  • Dyspraxia: An Overview (Supportive Strategies)
  • More coming soon…