Primary and Early Years reading and research

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Ofsted research review series

‘The curriculum – what pupils learn – is the very core of education’

(Ofsted, 2021)

Since 2021, Ofsted has been compiling evidence to inform a series of published reviews with the aim of supporting and informing those leading the thinking on subject education in schools. By setting out the most helpful ways of securing progression in each subject, the research reviews provided by Ofsted can provide a set of guiding principles for subject leaders including those involved in the training and development of novice teachers.  In addition to the Core Content Framework, these reviews underpin our curriculum design for each course and a link to the relevant review can be found below. We are also in the process of creating short videos, delivered by our subject specific tutors, to assist mentors and trainees in implementing the key findings from each review. We hope these resources will help mentors to deliver our curriculum.




Religious Education

Physical Education


English and Literacy key reading

  • Barratt-Pugh, C. (2001) Literacy learning in the early years. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. Available at:
  • Godwin, D. and Perkins, M. (2013) Teaching language and literacy in the early years second edition. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis. Available at:
  • Godwin, D. and Perkins, M. (2002) Teaching language and literacy in the early years. 2nd edn. London: David Fulton.
  • Goouch, K. and Lambirth, A. (2017) Teaching early reading & phonics : creative approaches to early literacy. 2nd edn. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications.
  • Wyse, D. et al. (eds) (2018) Teaching english, language and literacy. Fourth edn. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Mathematics key reading

Science key reading

Computing key reading

History key reading

Geography key reading

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Links to recent Ofsted videos, research review series as well as helpful resources for subject leaders 

RE key reading

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